What’s this Lizard/Snake/Critter?

“What’s this snake on my patio?” you ask.

“What kind of lizard is this in my back yard?” you say.

Florida has a lot of native reptiles and amphibians and a great number of exotic (Not-supposed-to-be-here) reptiles and amphibians. Working as a Zoo Educator, the president of a herpetological society and in other capacities I’ve often been converted to the “go-to-guy” to identify snakes, lizards, frogs and other animals that end up wandering into someone’s back yard. Well folks, this section is for you then: Got a weird critter that you’ve seen in Florida? Email JDHolbrook¬† ( A ) . Your submissions will also help gain a better understanding of what invasive reptiles are present in Florida, as we haven’t even scratched the surface of the number of species that are present here.


What’s this Lizard? Anolis equestris, of course – The Cuban Knight Anole

Red-headed Agama, Agama agama africana


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