Equipment Review: Lumintop IYP365

07 Sep

Hi again folks – we’ve got a few more light reviews on the way. A couple months back Lumintop sent me the IYP265. Because I’ve been, more and more, getting flashlights in that simply aren’t the typical “workhorse handlight/headlight” type that I so often review, it would be somewhat unfair to compare them with these lights by doing my typical review style. That said, I’m going to keep the 100-point review system I have in place for normal lights, and just do a review and thoughts for some of the more niche or novelty flashlights I get for review. This light was graciously provided by Lumintop in China, on the condition that I give it an honest review, so here goes…



The IYP is a good looking light – I was happy about that, because the last Lumintop light I reviewed did not share that distinction ( – but this one is beautiful… Fancy-pantsy even – which is a colloquialism I don’t typically apply to flashlight. It’s got a anodized matte-black finish, which is lovely, and two gold-plated spacer rings that make for a very nice touch. It also has a clip that isn’t impossibly difficult to put to practical use (it’s a common problem in the flashlight world). Lumintop definitely did some good work with looks on this one. Finally, it’s got a click-switch (always better than a twist on/off), with one important feature: this one is stainless steel, and when compared to a typical rubberized click-switch, I like it a lot. I’m actually surprised they were able to make the unit waterproof with this click switch (but evidently they did.)

I have a love/hate relationship with AAA’s, so I’ll actually be including them in both the ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ – they’re a ‘Pro’ because they’re widely available, they’re a “con” because they’re not as cheap, and it can be a drag to but them when everything else you have runs off of AA’s. Finally, it’s a bright light, considering it’s power source and size. The reflector is well made for a wide variety of application – it makes the beam tight enough to give some decent throw, but doesn’t have too much spot – the IYP reaches a good balance. The price point on this light is also great – $25 on Amazon currently – it’s hard to beat!




For what the light is, and what intends to do, the IYP365 doesn’t have many cons. Like it’s little brother the Lumintop Tool AAA (, it shouldn’t be expected to be your main light; but it’ll make a good secondary. Like I said before, AAA’s are a blessing and a curse for me – in my view, making the IYP run off AA’s would’ve made for a brighter light with only minimal added width, but this is only a problem if you’re as nit-picky as I am, and even then it’s only a miniscule one and it only lasts until you shell out the cash for some rechargeable AAA’s. The only other con is that with such a pretty flashlight, it can easily be made un-pretty with a good amount of time in one’s pocket, a few drops, etc. So far, I’ve kept mind looking great, but it is a consideration if you’re tough on your stuff.


What it’s good for:

The IYP365, in many ways an upgrade from the Tool AAA (with twice as much light), is a good light to keep around for an emergency – in a glove box, in a field bag, in your pocket, by the front door to walk your dog at night. I keep mine in my iPad case, so it’s always there when I need it.


What it’s not:

Don’t expect more than it was made for – this is a good light, but don’t expect it to be your main light for night exploits.



Lumintop is really trying to be a successful up-and-comer in the flashlight world – and from my view, they are succeeding. It seems that, so far, they’re doing their best work with niche lights like this little IYP365, and I look forward to see what they come up with in the future.

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