Lifelist: Florida Green Watersnake (Nerodia floridana)

21 Oct



Country: USA

State: Florida

County: Palm Beach

Date: 2/24/2005

Co-herpers: Jason Thullbery, Nick Graves

Notes: As much as big, rare, flashy herps get a lot of attention – each is interesting in and of its own being. It’s something I knew as a beginning herper because I couldn’t find any of the rare stuff, I forgot thereafter, and am remembering again. Any species that exist is a menagerie of brilliantly perfected ecology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and a hundred other disciplines. Florida Green Watersnakes (Nerodia floridana) were one of the first snakes I found when I started herping in Florida. This particular girl recieved an hour-or-so long photoshoot with myself and my good friends Jason and Nick. This species, though common, is actually poorly understood in matters as simple as dietary preference, let alone ecology.

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