Announcements and Inqueries

11 Oct

Hello all,


I just got back from a most excellent field trip for the first annual meeting of the North American Field Herping Association – I’ll have posts on some of the stuff from that as well as new content in the next couple of weeks. But I also want more input: If you read this blog – what do YOU want to see. I did a poll a while back and got some good feedback, but it’s been a while since then and I’d like some more talk on what works, what doesn’t etc.


Also – If you check out the upcoming issue of Herp Nation Magazine I’ll have an article appearing in it on Spotted Turtles, covering a bit of their captive husbandry as well as wild ecology. It’s shipping out this very week, so if you’re not a subscriber, you should be! I believe they also sell individual mags on their website (


And finally, I got a bunch of requests to get my book via – here it is:

Be sure to buy it from “Field Ventures” for a signed copy.

Let’s hear some constructive criticism and/or suggestions; and more to come soon.



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