Prelude to the Paraguayan Chaco

07 Apr

I have been preparing (mentally and otherwise) for an upcoming trip to the Paraguayan Chaco. I fell in love with the place during my previous visit in 2005 and since then it has plagued my daydreams incessantly. There are few people there, mostly just indians, mennonites and missionaries; the few people they do have tend to be world class fellows, and other than that there’s just a bunch of wide-open spaces and superb wildlife.

What superb wildlife, you ask? Well, me being a herp-guy, there are dozens of reptile and amphibian species in this semi-arid tropical thornscrub, including Yellow-tailed Cribos (Drymarchon corais), Neo-tropical Rattlesnakes (Crotalus durrissus terrificus), Argentine Boa Constrictors (Boa constrictor occidentalis), and a whole bunch of other fun and exciting herps.

For those not so herpetelogically inclined; there are 7 (yes, 7!) species of cat, including Jaguar and Puma, 11 species of armadillo (at least), Tapir, Rhea – all kinds of good stuff. Here’s one of the more ornery residents of the Chaco.



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